Litz Family History:
From Russia to Winnipeg

Background Music "Du Du liegst mir im herzen" sung by the Riedel Brothers

Before I begin the history and explanation of this family's relevance in the grand scheme of things, note the song you are listening to is Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen sung by  recording artists "The Riedel Brothers".  The Album was recently digitized by descendants Justin Perry (Guitarist and Vocalist Solomon Dean) and Tim Riedel (fomerly of Sylmarillion, and later as the lead singer of the group Falling Forward) for the 2011 Riedel Radons Family Reunion in Manitoba.

What's with the Radons?

This page should probably be called "What's with the Radons, Riedels, Guttmans and Yessies?"  However, I settled on the one name as as the page goes on, the other names will be explained, and brevity, as the old adage goes, is the soul of wit ( I have no idea how it relates but bear with me!)

You may have noticed these names cropping up in many of the family histories.  Who are they and why do we care????

Well, the Radon's are related to my Kroening's through marriage. Christian Kroening (my grandmother brother) married Alvina Radons in Russia, around 1905, probably after his stint in Russian Cavalry, during the Russo Japanese War, so she was Hulda Litz's (nee Kroening) sister in law. and my Great Uncles wife. There is no blood connection here to me, but the Kroenings seem to have come for nowhere, so I'm extending my search to the spouses.  ( I don't think the Kraning cousins, or the Riedels, Guttmans or Yessie's will mind either!!)

Our parents, their cousins and their cousin's cousins all "hung around" together in Beausejour, most worked for Robert Litz at one time or another. It was in many regards, one family, related or not with a common background, history and journey.

So the first question has been answered (sort of)..that's who they were to our knowledge thus far.  The second question "why do we care?" is more complicated.  It is obvious that they played a part in our ancestors past in both the old country and here in Canada. 

In trying to find out more on my particular family, they kept showing up, so I just took note, as they are related to our relations; that would be the Kroening side, they are first cousins to our parents first cousins, and who knows what future research will show on a possible even closer family relationship.

Also, I am hoping, really hoping that in studying them, I may find out more about our family in the Ukraine.  So that's the story.

If you are interested in seeing other Radons sites and families that may be connected see the following's interesting as there are many names that seem to run through both families, but that does not prove anything...darn!


I will break down the Radons Siblings and Parents,  one by one as it seems to be an easier read. (please note I didn't say less confusing).

Alvina Radons, Theodor Radons, Lydia Radons, Augusta Radons, Hulda Radons, Gustav Radons, Wilhelm and Ida Gerdt Radons, Gottlieb Radons.

There are some place names that also merit a little clarification:

Shitomir, Zhitomir, Zhytomyr, etc etc: This is a city, a region, a parish in the Ukraine in the former Volhynia.  

Suluun, Posen is probably Sulmin, Richthoff, Poland and is just south of Gdansk (Danzig). Back then it would have been Posen or Prussia


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Wolwachowka was in Volhynia, south of Pulin and slightly north west of Zhitomir (now in the Ukraine). On this map it is about D5, if you click on the map it will enlarge.



Rosliwetz or Rozliwiec, Russia, is still a bit of a mystery but is listed with pages in the St Peterburg Records that include Dobry-Kut  which was a neighbour settlement of Wolwachowka, so maybe Rozliwiec was in the neighborhood as well.

Bromberg, Germany is now Bydgoszcz, Poland

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Wilhelm and Ida Gerdt Radons

The only mention we have of Wilhelm is on Theodor and Augusta's birth records. We know he died prior to 1913 when Ida came to Canada as a widow.

Id Gerdt was born about 1859. She married Wilhelm Radons. In Wolwachoka, Russia, she had a daughter Augusta Radons.  Also in Wolwachoka, a male Gustav Theodor Radons was born to a Wilhelm Radons. The mothers name on the written records from St Petersburg is illegible, but could be Ida, but looks more like Edda. 

Ida arrived in Canada 1 Nov 1913. Her passenger list entry shows her a widow, going to a daughter in Glenella. During this time frame, Augusta Radons Riedel and Alvina Radons Kroening were the only daughters in Canada. After much trying, to no avail, I have been unable to locate either Ida or the Riedel family in the 1916 census.  Glenella is in the interlake area of Manitoba, close to Amaranth and Plumas.  Both places where Kroening family and Radons' families lived at one time or another.

The only personal  tidbit I have on Ida is from a great granddaughter (Edith Riedel Perry) that she was a very religious woman. and her prayers were very long.

Manitoba Vital Stats shows Ida died in Beausejour 7 May 1925.

Alvina Radons Kroening Klempke

Alvina was born in Russia 1886.  She married Christian Kroening sometime before 1907. Together they had 3 daughters born in Russia; Mabel, Bertha and Nellie. Alvina and the girls immigrated to Canada via Antwerp, Belgium, 4 months after Christian on September 1913 on the ship Montfort, landing in Quebec.  The names on the manifest are Alwina Kroenik 25 years, Amelda 5 years, Bertha 4 years and Nathalia 1 1/2 years. There is also another Alwina Kroenik 19 years old travelling with them, and indicating she was a domestic. Her identity is at this time a mystery.

After arriving in Canada, the family lived in Beausejour, Amaranth, Whitemouth  and Winnipeg.

They had 3 sons in Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada: William, Bernard and Rudolph (Roy) and Albin (Alex).

Alvina divorced Christian sometime in the 1940's to 50's  and married Albert Klemke.  Albert adopted Albin (Alex).

Alvina  died 10 Jan 1970.

Below is a picture of Alvina and Albert Klemke taken in the late 50's at a family gathering, possibly a wedding.


Theodor (Gustav?) Radons

Theodor Radons was born 3 Nov 1879 in Wolwachowka, Russia.

Radens ?, Illegible Gustav 3 Nov 1879 Wilhelm        Grarke ?, Illegible             1897588/1 129    52 Wolwochowka ?

When you look closely at the actual document, you can see it is Theodor, the mother's name is less obvious..first name looks like Edda.

Theodor married Amelia Radons in Russia, and had 1 son; Reinhold born 1905 in Russia.  They immigrated to Canada From Bremen on the ship Gneisenau and landed in New York 4 Oct 1907 final destination Winnipeg.

Theodor gives his birth place as Rozliwiec, Russia, and that he is going to his brother in law Gustav Reidel in Beausejour. Relatives at last place of residence was listed as  Theodor's father in law, Wilhelm Radons, in Suluun (Sulimin) Posen. It was said that Theodor and Amelia were cousins.

They show up on the 1911 census in Beausejour where Theodor works at a brick yard. The spelling is wrong, it looks like Riadons, but was transcribed Rindone. The address looks like 4 Plan 1330.   Further down the page is Gustav and Augusta Radons Riedel.

In the 1916 census, the residence is 18, Springfield, Manitoba. 

Reinhold (Ron) his son died tragically in an accident in 1946, leaving a wife and 6 children. Emilia Radons died 5 Sept 1964, Theodor died in Beausejour 28 Jan 1967.




Augusta Radons Riedel

In 1904  Auguste Radons, 21 year old single female,  German Russian from Rosliwetz (note different spelling) arriving Ellis Island on Oct 16, 1904 from Hamburg on the Ship Blucher. She was coming to Winnipeg to see a friend Julius Yager on Dufferin Ave, as were several on the passenger docket.   Augusta went on to marry Gustave Riedel, they farmed in Amaranth area, lived in Winnipeg for a while, also Beausejour, then moved to the Estavan area of Saskatchewan where they operated a coal mine in Beinfeit during the 40's, farmed in Vernwood, and eventually found their way back to Manitoba and Anola.. 

Gustav Riedel's first wife was Mathilde Schade. She died shortly after giving birth to Ewald Riedel.  It is said that Augusta learned about Ewald after the wedding and on the way back to the homestead.

I found the following on the Odessa3  search site which is probably Auguste.

surname, name,    birthdate,     father,             mother,        film/item/page  reg remarks

Radons,Auguste 15 Aug 1882 Wilhelm Gerdt, Ida 1895614/3 427 81 Wolwachowka

I recently corresponded with Arthur's daughter Edith and she said the Augusta's mother came to Canada.  I found an Ida Radanz arriving in late 1913 as a widow going to daughter in Glenella.


Picture at left of Augusta holding grand daughter Emily and grand daughter Edith sitting in chair.


Four of their sons, Emil, Herman, Rudolph and Fred were the popular German Folk group the Riedel Brothers. (now check out your parents record collection and I'll bet there is an old LP in there by the Riedel Brothers, and for those of you too young to know what an LP is, think really big black DVD with ridges and made out of vinyl).


 This Album cover photo came from Tim Riedel's Facebook page.


 I found this article below in the Winnipeg Free Press 26 Dec 1967.

Hulda Radons Guttman

Hulda Radons according to gravestone was born 7 May 1900 in Wilena Russia. Herein lies a bit of a mystery.  Is Wilena really Wolynia (Volhynia)? She immigrated to Canada with Wilhelmina Radons (wife of Gustav) and their 2 daughters in 1920 on the ship Megantic in Oct 1920.  She lists her birthplace on her Form 30a as Richthof, Poland.  This place is familiar, as it is where other Radons family members are born, or lived prior to immigration. She also states going to father Gustav Radons on Magnus Avenue in Winnipeg. As Hulda is only 9 years younger than Wilhelmina, it is impossible thatl she is a daughter, more than likely travelling as a daughter, rather than a neice.  She also give the person of contact in last residence as Aunt Gert in Richthoff.

Hulda married Edward Guttman 23 Jan 1921 in Glenella, Manitoba.  They had 7 children. During their marriage, they lived in Glenella, Amaranth, and Beausejour.    







  POULSEN, Margaret (nee Guttman) - December 11, 1922 - May 26, 2011 Born in Amaranth, Manitoba, only daughter of Hulda and Edward Guttman who moved to Beausejour, Manitoba where she grew up. Marg had a large variety of jobs. To mention a few: she was a waitress for Liz Rummel at Skoki Lodge, Lake Louise, Alberta, a cook/ waitress for Keith Hook, then manager for Doug Hook's Tourist Camp in Kenora, Ontario, cook in the Inco Hospital in Thompson, Manitoba, also worked for the Dept. of Defence in Calgary for 19 years until retirement. Along with her many jobs, she managed to fit in bowling, curling, bingo and was a member of the Eagles Club and Legion in Calgary. She leaves many to mourn her: husband, Ove Poulsen; sons, Carter (Liuba) Lyon of Penticton, Trent (Pat) Lyon of Wichita, Kansas, Bruce (Christine ) Lyon of Tampa Bay, Florida; step-daughter, Birthe (Alen) Ritch of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; brothers, Kurt (Lynn) Guttman of Penticton, Vern (Grace) Guttman of Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba, Cliff (Gail) Guttman of Cawston, BC; sister-in-law, Liz Guttman of Neepawa, Manitoba; grandchildren, Kurt, Jason, Sabrina, Matt, Madison, Brett, Robyn, Andrea, Erin, Alayna, Jarrod; four great-grandchildren, as well as many nieces and nephews. Predeceased by parents Edward and Hulda; brothers, Harry and Hugh. Marg enjoyed her Budweiser until the end! Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting www.everdenrust.com10183655

Lydia Radons Yessie

 Lydia Radons was the 2nd wife of Rudolph Yessie.  She was born about 1896 and arrived in Canada on 9 Dec 1920 on the Ship Megantic.  She travelled on a Polish Passport, and is travelling under the name Esse, and was travelling with Gerhard son of Rudolph Yessie and his first wife (nee Kroening), her step son, and Zelma, her first child with Rudolph. . Al are carrying Polish Passports. Her Form 30A gives her religion as Lutheran, but she and the children are listed as Jewish on the manifest.  This may just have been a clerk with his fingers stuck on the "ditto" mark.

She too was travelling to Magnus Avenue, Winnipeg. Her contact at last place of Residence was an Uncle G. Radons of Bromberg, Germany.  This may be Gottlieb Radons.

Lydia and Rudolph had 5 more children in Canada.

Gustav Radons

  Gustav Radons was born about 1887 in Russia/Poland.  He married Wilhelmina Bohn.  He immigrated to Canada in 1914 with Rudolph Yessie.  He left Hamburg on the ship Burg to Grimsby, England, then overland to Liverpool, where they boarded the Arabic to Portland, Maine. Like most of the Radons' he too was going to a relative Robert Lit (Litz) on Magnus Avenue, Winnipeg.







Gustav's wife, Wilhelmina Bohn and Children left Liverpool on the SS Megantic on the 2nd Oct 1920. She indicates she is a resident of Richtoff, Poland prior to her departure.  She is in the company of their daughters Adina and Nerlde and a 19 year old Hulda Radons, who I believe was the future Mrs Guttman. Adina went on to marry William Pullman.

It states she is enroute to her husband Gustav in Amaranth, Manitoba.

 The family farmed in Amaranth, Vernwood Sask and then went to Vernon, BC, where they are buried.

Gottlieb Radons

Gottlieb Radons is from a generation earlier, and is believed to be the brother in law of Ida Gerdt, brother of her husband Wilhelm.

He was born around 1848, and immigrated twice to Canada. In about 1910 he and his sons immigrated, then he left around 1912.  He and his wife, Ewa Stefan   arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, 15 Apr 1925 on the ship Westphalia to join their children in western Canada.


   (if you right click on the photo, click view photo, then click on the photo again, it will enlarge and be very readable)


In 1930, Reinhold, Amelia and Hilda were living in Winnipeg. On August 27, 1930, Ewa died and was buried in Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg. Gottlieb moved to Lipton, Saskatchewan to live on his son Daniel's farm where he died in 1932.

Another notation we have for Gottlieb is from Lydia Radons Yessie's arrival in 1920, where she lists an uncle  G Radons in Bromberg, Germany as family from her last residence.  This may be the key to tying the Volhynian Radons to the Bromberg Radons families.

**some of the above info from

There has already been research on Gottlieb Radons and his ancestry back a couple of generation by another researcher.  The problem has been trying to connect this family to the other Radons Family.  Lydia mentioning the Bromberg Radonz as an Uncle may finally be the connection that was being sought.  I can only hope.